Monday was not blue, it was black
I could see the empty spaces in my mind
Filled with black smoke, they engulfed me and made me feel like lead

The pain in my shoulders radiating down to my upper arms
Were carrying this cold black soot
Somehow I got through the day and went to bed grey

The night was fitful and long, but the little sleep I got
Washed away some of the stiffness

Tuesday wasn’t black, it was a darker shade of blue
The black fumes had started getting softer
And the pain in my shoulders
Became a little dull
I slept for a few hours and woke up to a lighter me

When Wednesday came, a happy turquoise entered into my mind
And suddenly, the sun was out, and my bones and shoulders were immersed
With the warmth of the sunlight

When I woke up on Thursday, the shining yellow light of the sun
Was washing away some of my tiredness
Surprisingly, I slept for nine hours straight that night
Basking in this warmth

A rested me on Friday, looked outside the window
All the colours of the rainbow
Were looking down on me and seeking
Asking, demanding happiness
I felt it, I felt the joy within me
And the bursting rainbow of colours from my heart
Emanated to the rest of the world
It’s Holi, I thought
Is this divine intervention
Or just a good night‘s sleep?

Who am I to question?
I just feel so good today, let every day be full of all the beautiful bright colours
I wish you all a very happy Holi every single day of your life

And hope that they make
Your daily pains duller

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