Unhurry with Rachna: The Face of a Warrior

By Rachna Chhachhi

I am the face of an autoimmune disease warrior, and you will see many like me. Yet you will not know because we don’t look ill, dilapidated, or suffering like other patients do. We are most frequently seen in our beds, rising late because the morning stiffness and chronic fatigue make it difficult for us to get up early morning to go for a walk as most people do. Having a day job is a luxury. Our brain starts working at about noon. Then it has a burst of energy till the evening so we can do good work in short spurts of time.

Post 8 pm, however, we are looking for a sofa, bed, couch, carpet, or floor to collapse onto. On the rare sunny days of energy bursts that we have – something most people who do a 12-hour workday take for granted – we are seen hanging in coffee places to enjoy the sunshine when we still have that ‘oomph’ left. Believe me, that ‘oomph’ can put Marilyn Monroe to shame too. So we take loads of pictures and have our bank full till the next sunny day comes. What you see on our social media is from that bank.

We are seen hanging in coffee places to enjoy the sunshine when we still have that ‘oomph’ left.

Of course, we have a compromised quality of life. We have brain fog that makes us look like idiots because we start forgetting things faster than you can drink a glass of cold water. And then people stare at us like we left our IQs in a pond.

But we are special, and you are not.

Autoimmune conditions are incurable in medical science, which is so ironic – we have been destined to suffer forever, till our last breath. What’s more, the toxic medications that are supposed to help us, cause side-effects that can cause multiple organ failure, severe hair fall, destroy our hearing and our eyes. They don’t even end at stopping the digestive issues, depleted gut, deformities and antibodies.

13 years ago, I was there. I healed myself from rheumatoid arthritis with functional holistic nutrition. My deformities did not heal – the pain went away, but the warped bones continue and I wear them as medals of winning my war.

I began slow but learned the use of physical and emotional nutrition to first get up and walk with energy. Then, I began holding my hand out into the well specifically made for all autoimmune patients, to start pulling others out, one by one. After having treated thousands of patients across 27 countries, I may be the poster girl of good health for each one of you babies who is not, but every day is still a struggle to remain on top of my antibodies.

Every single day, I have to sleep just a bit more than normal people. Do my yoga in a much more relaxed manner than most of you were taught. Reduce my stress levels even when I don’t have a choice and eat copious amounts of healthy foods. Every day, just to get a few days more in the sunshine, without pain.

Every single day, I have to sleep just a bit more than normal people.

What saves me from deviating from my path? To succumb to just a little bit of excess here or a bite there, when no one is watching? What stops me from surrendering to those heavenly temptations?

The energy of each autoimmune patient I have healed gets me by. Coupled with the gratitude in my heart about waking up every morning and not feeling the grinding pain.

Now, I have converted everything I learned to heal autoimmune patients of different kinds to form an autoimmune masterclass. I wrote everything down. Each and everything that healed me and any patient I treated with psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, Wegener’s, lupus, fibromyalgia, and the 100+ autoimmune conditions that exist. It wasn’t just food. Food was just 50% of it.

It’s been an exhausting but gratifying body of work to create this masterclass. You can join me if you are a warrior yourself and want to get better. Or you can join me if you are just a do-gooder and want to help us warrior babies who struggle daily, to reduce our struggles just a bit. All we strive for is to increase that time in the sunshine just a bit more. We have low energy but we get energised with each other.

Come, join the autoimmune club. We are basking in it.

The autoimmune masterclass is devised by Rachna Chhachhi to help cure autoimmune conditions in patients who have lost hope with doctors. For more details, click HERE.

Rachna Chhachhi

Founder, Rachna Restores & Unhurry

PhD Holistic Nutrition, RA Warrior, Cancer Coach, Yogini, Author

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