Your Mealtime Influences Your Physical And Mental Health

June 15, 2023; Unhurry Expert Research Team Meal timing influences mood vulnerability. Eating at nighttime increases depression and anxiety levels versus eating only during the daytime. The time of meals may have an impact on mental health, including levels of depression and anxiety-related mood, according to a new Brigham and Women’s Hospital study. A study … Read more

Self-Compassion Aids Recovery From Eating Disorders

Struggling with eating disorders can feel like a constant upward climb. There is a lot of statistics that inform us of a the long road to recovery. It’s important to keep note that changing your relationship with food, and your body is not a straight path. Practicing self-compassion is a process that aids healing, and makes the journey kinder on yourself.

How I Stop My Inner Critic From Taking Over My Goals

As you start to change what you say to and about yourself, you will also start to notice shifts and changes in your beliefs about yourself. It’s kind of the same with manifesting and setting intentions for your life.

You Are Beautiful And Worthy Even If You Struggle With An Eating Disorder

When you struggle with an eating disorder, you struggle because you need something that you could control. But remember, food wants to be your friend, not just your coping mechanism.