How To Enjoy The Holidays Without Worrying About Eating Too Much

Do you struggle with food when it comes to holidays? Is eating around people hard for you? Do you struggle with events that center around food?

A lot of us are in the middle of a holiday week this week, and I know that holidays can make food struggles even harder. It can be hard enough to struggle with an eating disorder or disordered eating, and even harder when it involves lots of people and lots of food. You’re not alone in this. A lot of people who struggle with food struggle even more when it comes to the holidays.

When I was struggling with an eating disorder, anything that involved a lot of people and a lot of food was so hard for me.

I felt lonely in spite of being around people, because I felt alone in my struggles. It’s not typical to go to a holiday party and have people talking openly about their food struggles. However, I want you to know that you’re not alone. Even though people aren’t talking about their struggles, there is most likely someone else where you are who is struggling as well.

This holiday season I want you to have a LOT of grace for yourself. Only you know exactly how you’re feeling, what situations are hard for you, and what you need moment to moment.

I am giving you permission this holiday season to stand up for yourself and do what you need to do to have a GOOD holiday season. And if not good, at least not awful. Have a lot of grace for yourself. Don’t push the feelings and emotions away, but sit with them and be curious about where they’re coming from and what they’re telling you that you need. Say yes to situations that make you feel happy and good inside, and on the other hand, say no to the situations that are hard for you and that aren’t helpful. Reach out for help and talk to someone you trust about your struggles. If you’re feeling lonely, talk to someone who cares. You are never alone, and I am in your corner if you need someone to talk to.

I also want to encourage you to enjoy yourself this holiday season! So often if we’re focusing too much on food or working on a really strict health goal, we lose out on the fun.

Instead of enjoying ourselves, eating foods we love, enjoying some delicious drinks, we overthink every single decision and keep ourselves from having things that we enjoy.

If this is you, remember that you are allowed to have fun!! You are allowed to eat foods that you love. You are allowed to enjoy drinks that you love. Food wants to be your friend, not your enemy. Enjoy things that you love, allow yourself to have things you normally wouldn’t, and ALSO, drink a lot of water and eat foods that your body feels good and healthy on. You can have both! So, this holiday, love on yourself a little extra. Remember that food is your friend. And take good care of yourselves – you’re worth it!

Abby Horst

A podcaster, wife, health/wellness coach, beach lover, and musician. She specialises in nutrition education, meal planning, and developing sustainable habits. She passionately works with her patients to help them build healthier and happier relationships with food, exercise, and themselves.

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