Movie Review: Last Christmas (2019)

Movie Review: Last Christmas (2019)

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Are you in search of cosy, funny and romantic movie to accompany you with that big jar of ice cream and your blanket?

We got you covered!

Last Christmas is a surprisingly brilliant, witty, and lovely film that hits its emotive moments gently in all the right ways while also offering some small amusing moments. Emilia Clarke (Kate) and Henry Golding (Tom) are the film’s standouts, giving some genuinely terrific chemistry and emotional performances. Paul Fieg director of famous hits Ghostbuster 2016) Bridesmaid (2012) has showed his comedian skills and purely enjoyable humour in the movie. The movie also outshines with lovely sets and costumes making the audience to vibe along the Christmas. 

Kate returns to her family in Britain. She used to sing in church and dreams of making it in musical theatre. However, life has taken her off course. Her mother is heavy-handed, and her sister is a successful attorney who has strong clashes with Kate. Kate also has health issues. Because she has no permanent home to live, she works as an elf-saleslady at a year-round Christmas store under the supervision of the store owner. She meets Tom, who urges her to look ahead in life. However, on successive encounters, Kate comes to see things she has not noticed before and to appreciate Tom’s friendship/love. Can Tom make a positive difference in Kate’s life?

Last Christmas exceeds expectations on every level, proving to be more than just a Christmas romance film in all the right ways, with a touch of George Michael’s renowned soundtrack “Last Christmas.”

“Last Christmas Movie Review : Cheesy, but fun” by Times Of India

Happy Christmas!

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