Movie Review : The Holiday (2006)

Movie Review : The Holiday (2006)

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Tis the season to be jolly ? as the holidays are quite literally around the corner and the year is coming to end, there is an inherent need to be merry and happy. I too found myself at the brink of the holiday season trying to find myself some Christmas cheer, and it doesn’t get better than a good old holiday movie. After spending an embarrassing amount of time browsing through the innumerable options on multiple number of streaming websites I found myself rather spoilt by an array of movies, some old and some new. the commonality amongst them all was the significance of being surrounded by near and dear ones and feeling loved.

I found my self drawn to a classic rom com, “ The Holiday” featuring the dreamy dreamy Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and charming Jack Black.

This movie is certainly not for the cynics, this movie will leave you in a big puddle of mush.

This Rom com starts with a rather lovesick English girl Iris, played by the classic Kate Winslet who has had her heart broken and decides to swap homes with glamorous Los Angeles girl Amanda, played by Cameron Diaz…If these gorgeous women aren’t reason enough to sit through this holiday flick, their love interests are played by the sweet Jack Black and the dreamy Jude Law.

Iris and Amanda even though are two very different women, are fed up with their love lives and decide to switch houses right before the holidays. Iris who is from the English countryside find herself in a posh mansion in LA. Amanda lands herself in asmall cottage in the English countryside, as she starts to realize maybe she made a mistake, just as any beautifully sappy cliché she meets Iris’s brother Graham (played by Jude Law). Whereas Iris meets the funny and sweet Miles (played by Jack Black), and the rest is history.

As the movie progresses, you realize this movie is not just about the great romance but the little things that make your life beautiful.

Yes, the movie is well put together romantic fantasy that makes you laugh and cry, however it does not fail to touch on real and honest emotions. All and all it will surely get you in holiday mood and is the perfect movie to watch snuggled up with your loved ones or furry friends or just all by yourself with a large slice of your favorite cake. So go and watch your favorite holiday movie this Christmas. Wishing you a Great Holiday season.

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