Binge-watch weekend – The Mentalist

He reads between the lies

When you get into bed with the old cosy and comfortable blanket and the a/c is on full blast, it’s always a nice feeling. And that’s what The Mentalist does for me. A pseudo psychic who lived his life doing tricks and then in his bravado, gave an interview on a television channel challenging a killer, only to have his wife and daughter murdered. And now, he has a purpose in life. To partner with the California Bureau of Investigation to solve murders. That is the backdrop to this series on Prime Video.

Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is a consultant to the CBI, but he does not use his psychic powers. In his own words,

“There is no such thing as a psychic”

Jane uses his powers of observation, his six senses to put the jigsaw puzzles together and solve crimes. And that is the most engaging part of this series. He observes how those questioned at the scene of crime are reacting or responding to a situation and begins to put the pieces together. Simon Baker as The Mentalist shines through with his quirkiness, schoolboy antics and unabashed fear of guns, which makes him endearing. Of course, he is irritating in parts, but that is intended. Some episodes which refer back to Red John, the killer who killed his wife reappearing to challenge him again and again, do become dark and add a little bit of depth to the otherwise easy watch series.

The other regular characters – mainly cops in the CBI – have their own backstories and this keeps the plot multi-layered and engrossing. Since each episode is independent of each other except for the backdrop of the killer of Jane’s wife and daughter as well as the continuity of the cast, it is easy to finish one episode in one session or binge-watch a few episodes if you are wanting to watch something involving and yet not twisted or disturbing. And this is probably because the seasons are from 2008 to 2015 when it was not fashionable to be sick, dark and disturbing in plots. Most of the newer series have plots that I find extremely gruesome and bordering on vileness.

“With The Mentalist, the investment of time is only for unwinding yourself and doing some light activity while you watch.”

I usually watch the episodes when I am doing my weights or yoga in the evenings as they are engaging enough to make my brain curious and passive enough to not make me want to stop working out because of a serious twist and turn. With 7 seasons, if you get hooked on to it, there is enough bank of episodes for you to binge-watch, chill or do some easy stretches while viewing it.

It’s also great series to divert your mind if you are stressed about something. So leave the office politics, relationship woes and household chores outside the TV room, catch a cup of green tea and some water, shut the door, switch the AC on, and click to chill this weekend.

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