OTT: Dasvi

OTT: Dasvi

It’s never the education, but the impact of knowledge on our lives. Each child imbibes and experiences learning in a different and unique manner. And this experience is what makes the distinction between each one of us even though we are all a part of the same education system. As we grow up and apply this knowledge to our work, our life and our inner self, the distinction becomes clearer and clearer.

And that in summary is what hits you about Dasvi, on Netflix.

An arrogant politician in a fictitious north India hinterland re-introduced to knowledge, a power-hungry wife, an honest female cop, layers of condescending chauvinistic jibes and undercurrents make up this 2022 comic satire. But what shines is the depth Abhishek Bachchan brings to the central character. The depiction of how his brain absorbs the textbook knowledge is visually demonstrated as per how he absorbs his individual truth in the words of history books. Abhishek is an underrated artist and so amazingly brilliant. A large part of the reason why he’s underrated is also because he chooses his work. As a dyslexic himself, he understands the challenges of learning and has put his depth of understanding in playing this character. For me, this movie did not just resonate with me as a child going through the history books and visually imagining the scenes being played; it also lingered inside me as an adult. In life, in work and in our brains, even the tiniest input of consciousness into our being, makes a big impact on the output in the world. It is this influence, which changes us on a daily basis and helps us grow, flow and move forward.

True knowledge is the only way we can change what we don’t agree with without getting onto the streets and destructively protesting while breaking property, disturbing law-abiding citizens and ruining the meaning of democracy. It’s wonderful for us to rant and talk about what is not right with the world, who should do what and pass on the judgements. But the change starts with us. This movie is a reminder that every step starts with the biggest change – the change in ourself. Look within, accept the faults, and surrendering the ego is the beginning. When the politician surrendered his ego, true vikas (development) happened. It’s a movie all politicians should watch.

Amazingly feel good. Go unwind on the weekend and open up your mind to the power of knowledge.

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