Unhurry with Rachna: I Like Corners

I like corners. Unlike people who don’t like to be pushed into a corner, I like to have a tiny little space for myself, maybe a blue coloured sofa where I can sink in and disappear from the rest of the world. Yes, I am small built and it is easy for me to disappear at least for a while. And it is in this corner that I find my peace even in the midst of turmoil. So how do I do that? And how can you, in the middle of all the chaos of people getting angry, upset, frustrated, hurrying through their lives, find your own little corner?

This corner exists in everybody’s mind. It’s a corner we all retreat into with our little cup of green tea or coffee, where we can stare into emptiness or greenery to get a fresh perspective. It helps us reboot.

This corner exists in everybody’s mind – it helps us reboot.

How can you make a corner for yourself where you rejuvenate yourself when you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? I get it. Let’s deep dive into the practicality of doing it.

Let’s say… if you feel that you are completely overwhelmed and need to just get out for sometime, take out 20 minutes from your time and actually get out. So what do you do when you step out for those 20 minutes? Be practical – look for a spot on the terrace of your building, a bench in your park, a short walk below your house. And yes, leave your phone behind – you read that right.

When we want to be with ourselves and connect with ourselves, the constant social media updates, messages, phone calls interrupt the journey of going inwards. 20 minutes without your phone every single day is not going to make a difference to anybody and you will be fooling yourself if you give yourself so much importance that if you disappear for 20 minutes, your family or work is going to collapse. They won’t. Sit down and have a conversation with them that you are not available for these 20 minutes. Of course, they will be frustrated for a few days, because suddenly everything will need to be done in those 20 minutes, but that’s okay. Do it every day, day after day, seven days in a row.

The human mind is adaptable, people around you will start getting used to your new routine. You may even get some jibes around, “Oh, we can’t disturb them at this time, they don’t want to talk to us.” It’s fine. Stick to your stance. Find that little blue sofa in your mind and sink into it as a habit every day and in a matter of three weeks (yes, three weeks), you will start seeing changes in yourself. People around you will start seeing changes in you.

The human mind is adaptable, people around you will start getting used to your new routine.

So what are these changes? At a visible level you will be calmer. At an emotional level your response to stress will start reducing. And at a beautiful level, your skin will start clearing out, pigmentation will start reducing, acidity will start disappearing, your headaches if you get, will start fading as well.

Simply taking out this time to nurture ourselves does multiple things in our multidimensional mind and body. It starts pacifying our digestive system, reduces inflammation levels and risk of diseases too. It slows down the ageing process – helping us acquire that youthful glow no facial can give us.

Not such a bad result for just taking out 20 minutes for yourself, right? Go to it. Find your corner and spend time in it.


Rachna Chhachhi is the Founder of Rachna Restores and Unhurry; you can find more about her HERE. For more such articles and content on health & wellness, don’t forget to follow us! 

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