Listening To Music Promotes Brain Plasticity And Cognitive Reserve

Progressive cognitive decline is linked to normal aging. However, can our brains be trained to slow this process down? Practicing and listening to music can slow cognitive decline in healthy elderly by promoting the growth of grey matter, according to a study. Over 100 retirees who had never played music were observed by a team … Read more

Are People Who Earn More Money Happier In Daily Life?

Researchers discover that for most people, there is a consistent relationship between greater pleasure and greater wealth, reconciling previously incongruous findings. The exception is those who are wealthy yet miserable; for them, more money does not make things better. Are those with higher incomes happier in their daily lives? Although it appears to be a … Read more

Independence From Pain

As we rush towards a more prosperous tomorrow, our goal is brighter, shinier and our quality of life is getting shallower. India at 76 has over 100 million diabetics, 54.5 million cardiac patients, 1.4 million cancer patients and 56 million patients with depression. Each disease comes with the risk of a poor quality of life, … Read more

The Mindful Muncher: How Mindfulness Can Help You Shed Pounds

In the fast-paced world we live in today, it’s easy to fall into the trap of mindless eating. We often find ourselves gobbling down meals while multitasking, barely registering the taste and texture of the food. And let’s not even get started on those sneaky snacks we consume out of boredom or stress! No wonder … Read more

Actionable Steps For Mental Health And Prevention Of Suicide Among LGBTQ+ Youth

Compared to their non-LGBTQ+ peers, youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning (LGBTQ+) face several mental health challenges and a higher risk of suicide. Additionally, they are more susceptible to a wide range of stressful events like bullying, discrimination, familial rejection, prejudice, and even peer violence, all of which increase one’s … Read more

“Does Depression Lead To Eating Disorders In Athletes Or Vice Versa?”

Athletes are thought to be three times more likely to develop an eating disorder and there is considerable scientific evidence connecting eating disorders and depression. High self-esteem, confidence, a positive outlook, and excellent health are all gained from sports. Therefore, it would be reasonable to conclude that athletes are better protected than the general population … Read more

Curiosity-Driven Mindset Improves Memory Retention

Shifting from a high-pressure mindset to one of curiosity improves people’s memory, according to research. According to new Duke research, persons who imagined themselves as thieves exploring a virtual art museum in preparation for a heist were better at remembering the paintings, they viewed than people who played the same computer game while pretending they … Read more

Depression In Childhood Raises Red Flag For Future Heart Problems

Children with depression are more likely to be obese, smoke, and inactive, and may show signs of cardiac disease as early as their adolescence, according to a study. According to a study released by Jonathan Rottenberg, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of South Florida, and his colleagues at Washington University and the University … Read more

Management Of Mental Disorders Plays A Key Role In Suicide Prevention

Management of mental disorders plays a key role in the prevention of suicide and is an area that needs to be given critical attention in future action. The study which was published online by Cambridge University Press, revisits the available evidence on suicide cases and diagnosis and highlights critical issues for further research and action. … Read more

Expressed Workplace Gratitude Boosts Physical And Mental Health Of Organisations

Expressing gratitude to a colleague will improve both their and your lives. According to a study, getting appreciated more frequently at work predicts better sleep, fewer headaches, and healthier eating because it increases nurses’ job satisfaction. The Study “Gratitude Reception and physical health: Examining the mediating role of satisfaction with patient care in a sample … Read more

Vegetable-Rich Diet Eases Fatigue for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Higher levels of blood high-density lipoprotein (HDL) — or good cholesterol which are present in a vegetable-rich diet — may improve fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients, according to a new study. The pilot study led by University at Buffalo investigated the effects of fat levels in blood on fatigue caused by multiple sclerosis and found … Read more