Calm Your Nerves To Calm Rosacea

There is an intriguing connection between rosacea and the nervous system according to recent scientific research. It appears that the intricate interplay between the skin and the nervous system plays a significant role in the development and exacerbation of this skin condition. This article throws light on the link between rosacea and the nervous system, and provides you with valuable tips to calm your nerves and potentially improve your rosacea symptoms.

How Nerves And Rosacea Are Linked

The nervous system communicates with the skin through a complex network of nerve fibers, influencing skin health and reactivity. In the case of rosacea, the nervous system’s involvement is particularly significant.

Beneath the surface, a hidden relationship between rosacea and your nervous system emerges which can affect the skin in multiple ways:

          1. Skin’s Sensitivity Switch: Nerve signals in your skin can trigger inflammation, leading to the redness and flushing seen in rosacea.


          2. Stress and Skin: When stress levels rise, it can worsen rosacea symptoms. The nervous system plays a role in this stress response, potentially making your skin more reactive.


          3. Skin’s Nervous Signals: The nerves in your skin influence blood vessel responses and how your skin reacts. In rosacea, these nerves may not work as they should, contributing to the development of symptoms.

Tips to Calm Your Nerves and Ease Rosacea Symptoms:

          1. Stress Less, Relax More: Explore relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation, theta or delta music or activities that help you unwind.

          2. Move Your Body: Regular exercise, such as walking, swimming, gentle stretching, or cycling, helps regulate your nervous system and improves overall skin health.


          3. Healthy Habits for Skin and Nerves: Maintain a healthy lifestyle with adequate and early sleep, morning sun exposure, spending time outdoors in greenery and a balanced diet rich in fruits, nuts and vegetables.

By understanding the connection between rosacea and your nerves and following these practical tips to calm your nerves, you can potentially reduce rosacea symptoms and improve your overall well-being. Afterall, skin repairs in a state of rest and relaxation.


“Calm YOU is calm skin” – Nidhi kapoor


The Author, Nidhi Kapoor is a certified holistic health coach and the founder of ‘No More Red Skin’ established with a vision to enable individuals with rosacea to take charge of their skin health by tapping into the inner-healer after her own personal journey and struggle with skin disorders. She worked with Sony Entertainment Television & HSBC Asset Management before embarking on a healing and transformative journey of reversing her own rosacea.

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