Released in – 2015

Time frame – 1hr 35mins

Directed – Pete Doctor & Ronnie Del Carmen

Taglines – Meet the little voices inside your head.

Genres – Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy

Overall Ratings – 8/10

Recommended – ★ ★ ★ ★ /5


Synopsis: The popular Disney-Pixar animated film Inside Out is about emotions, especially that take on a human form inside a person’s brain and govern how they respond to situations. It is an intriguing idea and is generally presented nicely and colorfully.

With Inside Out, Pixar succeeded once again. I had steadfastly maintained for a while that Toy Story would always be my favorite Pixar film, but after seeing this one, I quickly changed my mind.

Without a question, the animation steals the show in this film, and the graphics are quite stunning. I was really taken with how the colors were used and how each one evoked a different feeling. Here memories are represented by softball- sized spheres that are color-coded by dominant emotion (joy, sadness, fear and so forth moving information from one mental region to another through a kind of vacuum tube-type system, before being categorised and stored as short term memories or long-term memories, or being thrown into a “depth” that serves the same purpose as the recycle bin on a computer.

At the beginning the movie starts over how except sadness, all other emotions tag along whilst controlling Riley. They think including sadness could make things upside down. The word “sad” has empathies negative but what if some parts has morally memories which could give us hope, faith and learnings.

“Dedicated to all ages. Don’t grow up. Ever”
The most unique perspective from the film, why should everything we show our children the happy side of life. Why does it have to be? A little bit of sadness is necessary. If a person was never sad, they would be inhumane. Life does not have to be rosy. Again, what this film does brilliantly through the it takes away that life has endless moments of all combined emotions.

That is crazy to say it, but I honestly hope this movie gets a sequel. I want to see Riley’s life and her ongoing battles as the five emotions battle it out, especially the teenage years. Adolescent is the phase mood swings are affected due to hormones fluctuated. How would that be handle? Isn’t that unique?

Most important takeaway from the movie is:

Depending on where we are in our life’s story and what particular detail of a memory we focus on, some things might be remembered with joy, grief, anger, fear, or contempt.

This movie is worth every bit of your attention and heart; it will take you on an utterly amazing roller-coaster of emotions and pleasure and will also keep you thinking for days.

Harshita Kulkarni

Harshita Kulkarni is a mental health enthusiast, and an avid reader. Being a former psychology student, she enjoys emotionally entangling her readers with thriller-style stories. Reviewing books and movies is her unfiltered hobby. Harshita is currently pursuing a Masters in English Literature.

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