The Science Behind Brothers and Selflessness

The Science Behind Brothers and Selflessness

This is a true favourite for all little sisters who have already experienced it: As per Bringham Young University, siblings uniquely promote sympathy and altruism in each other. Normally, it has been reported that relationships are more important to girls rather than boys, but as per this study, if you have a sibling, as a boy, that makes you care more for relationships. The BYU researchers followed 308 pairs of teenage siblings for three years. The project measured their development and tracked the quality of their relationships with friends and family members.

The message for parents, then, is to help their children have a positive relationship with each other for lasting rewards. Boys who have a hostile relationship with a sibling were significantly more likely to have behavioral problems later on. But the researchers caution that just breaking up fights isn’t enough. The absence of conflict does not mean the presence of affection. It’s ok if siblings fight but help them get through that and have other positive interactions.

So now, when you see your brother, you’ll know why he cares so much for your child. It’s because of the bond you have with him.


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