Delete RA – Insert Vitality

Delete RA – Insert Vitality

Rheumatoid Arthritis, commonly known as ‘RA’ – I came across this word for the first time ever in my blood report, visibly unaware of its far-flung implications in the times to come, naïve enough to even assume that it can be taken for granted. Seems strange, I know…

In a few more words, I’m sure I’ll convince you of this.

Initially it started with slight pains which I casually ignored. In due course, the pains intensified and became so debilitating that all my movement whatsoever almost came to a complete standstill.

I had to quit my job and was almost rendered bed-ridden. I used to have these long episodes of excruciating pains, and to get temporary relief I used to pop in loads of pills which were eventually doing more harm than good to me as they were simply suppressing the pains at the time.

Till date, I wonder had I still been on those toxic drugs like methotrexate, HCQS, and all perhaps I would have lived the rest of my life on a wheelchair or probably would have been written about in obituaries due to the adverse effects of RA drugs.

I used to feel bad about what my better half had to go through, continuously striving to see me coming out of all this mess. For no fault of his, he used to remain awake through the night with me just to helplessly see me crying in pain, unable to move. My jaws used to hurt so much that it was difficult to even talk.

I was starting to feel like my days were numbered. The continuous brain fogs were hindering my thinking process, my mind used to be clogged with negative thoughts and they were not letting me live.

My family was very helpful but super upset and dejected at the same time. The feeling of “Why me?” started creeping in too. In short, our life had come to a standstill, confused about how it would be possible for me to lead a good life with this chronic disease, at the mere age of 26.

My mother and father (not using those in-laws tags anymore) stood by like rocks with immense support, love, and care. Even they spent sleepless nights out of genuine concern and it was an extremely trying situation for everyone.

At last, sometime during early 2015, a renowned Rheumatologist in Chennai (One of the many doctors I had consulted, hoping to get well) told me to shift to Biologics because none of the medications or steroids seemed to work for me anymore.

That was the day when my husband took it upon himself to find out a remedy to help me thrive again, not just live. He wanted to help me be myself all over again and then came my saviour – Rachna Chhachhi.

It was a difficult, interesting and rewarding phase at the same time. During which I had to let go a lot of my favorite foods. Yet at the same time I could feel the ‘sacrifice’ was helping me regain energy and the intensity of the pains gradually started coming down too. In reality, it was nothing short of a rebirth for me!

Initially, when I started following the diet, the first and foremost change I observed was how I regained my energy.

I could walk on my own, could sit with my family and join them over a discussion which was not possible earlier as I was completely bed-ridden. Slowly but steadily, my pains also started reducing. Now that I was feeling better, I also started planning to rejoin work.

During my healing period, I started moving around pain-free and it felt liberating. We planned a trip to the enchanting Himalayas and to my utter surprise, I was able to walk on those lovely hills staring at those blue skies. It was an absolute dream come true!

I started living a life which I never thought was anywhere in my roadmap after RA had hit me that hard.

I can confidently vouch that through this holistic healing methodology, I have started ‘deleting’ RA forever from my life.

Everything has started falling in place – I am once again my usual self, full of energy, taking care of my professional responsibilities, studying and feeling blessed. This comeback was complete when I myself became a Nutritional Therapist, with an urge to be a “Change Agent” and with an intent to make this planet a better place to live in.


Camellia Das is a Holistic Health Health Coach at Rachna Restores and you can find more details about her HERE. For more such articles and content on health & wellness, don’t forget to follow us!

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