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Neurodiversity- A Space Of Acceptance Of Brain Development Differences

What do physicist Alber Einstein, artist Vincent Van Gogh, author F. Scott Fitzgerald, and chemist Marie Curie have in common? They were all neurodivergent, based on the evidence of their lives. In other words, their brains worked in unique ways. We have often seen children developing in different ways. Some struggle with mathematics while others…

Immune System Plays An Important Role in Development Of Mental Disorders

There is a close relationship between body and brain. If the body stays healthy, mental health is also maintained and visa versa. A new study shows that the infections children contract during their childhood are linked to an increase in the risk of mental disorders during childhood and adolescence. This knowledge expands our understanding of…

The Right Exercise Routine In Cancer Recovery

Exercise is an important of cancer recovery and prevention. Exercising during and after cancer treatment improves fatigue, anxiety, depression, physical function, quality of life and does not exacerbate lymphedema. According to the new guidelines based on research, cancer survivors should perform aerobic and resistance training for approximately 30 minutes per session, three times a week,…

Fragrances help heal mind, win hearts!

Imagine, stepping into a delicately lit room, where flickering candles are emanating a comforting fragrance and as you take a deep inhalation you experience a profound sense of peace. The realm of scents has the power to unlock emotions, evoke memories, and transport us to a place of serenity. Scents offer a delightful and effective…


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