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Sometimes, we just need to take a little time for ourselves

As we step into the National Cancer Prevention Month, dive into this book. Cancer nutrition coach Rachna Chhachhi shows you how to train your cells to respond to physical and emotional nurturing to fight cancer. She also documents the journeys of her patients across 27 countries, in addition to the guidelines given about preventing, managing and reversing cancer.
Unhurry Self Love Playlist
“You can’t really love someone else unless you really love yourself first”- Fred Rogers
February has been long-established as the month of love, because of Valentine’s Day. This February, along with showing love for our valentines, let us take a moment to foster our relationship with our self and take the steps to cultivate self-love. I follow this simple 20-minute ritual once a week – Switch on the airplane mode on my phone. Grab a bottle of my favourite Lavender moisturiser, find a comfortable position on my bed and begin massaging my feet and let this wonderful playlist play in the background!
Finding a purpose, one’s spark and what inspires people. This movie is about celebration of life, of culture, and everything we take for granted. It teaches you life isn’t just about careers ,goals, passions and
This was one of my early podcast finds and I think at that time what caught my attention was the bite size format of the topics. Ashdin Doctor, a habit coach, has tried to simplify the science and practice of creating good habits. What makes it more interesting are the small anecdotes and fun facts that he shares in his episodes. I would recommend this podcast to newbies who want to get a hang of listening to good content. And the added bonus are the practical tips to creating lasting healthy habits.