The battle of a robust immune system is real and building it stronger day by day is important. Many women are not aware that healthy hormone balance plays an important role in keeping the immune system strong and healthy. Women who have autoimmune diseases will find it a bit hard to balance their hormones in comparison to women who don’t have autoimmune. However,

“Understanding the connection between hormones and the immune system can really help in balancing hormones and keeping immunity strong too.”

Estrogen can be the culprit

Estrogen is the predominant female hormone and according to scientists, it can be a factor in the development of autoimmune diseases in women. Estrogen can easily interplay with some functions of the immune system which triggers the inflammatory process. Also, during the reproductive years, estrogen is extremely high which may explain why many autoimmune diseases are most prevalent in younger women.

During peri menopause, estrogen levels begin to decline. Studies show that once women have entered menopause, the risks of developing autoimmune disease drops.

Importance of hormonal balance:

Hormonal imbalance, just like autoimmune diseases, is caused by many factors. They are caused due to a combination of issues like stress, diet, medical history, and genetics too. The most common symptoms of a hormonal imbalance are:

  • Hair loss
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Infertility
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Low libido
  • Digestive problems

The importance of hormonal equilibrium is undeniable. For instance, estrogen regulates the menstrual cycle and also keeps the uterus healthy for pregnancy. However, if estrogen levels dip or are raised more than they should be; imbalance results.

Likewise, cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone must be balanced too. A higher level of cortisol contributes to stress, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, all hormones need to be balanced in order to keep you healthy and happy!

How to balance hormones?

Balancing hormones is crucial, especially for women, as hormones have a deep effect on mental and physical wellbeing. There are some simple ways through which you can maintain a healthier version of yourself and balance your hormones too. Although these natural ways won’t bring a sudden equilibrium in your hormones but they will gradually over time restore harmony:

  1. Eat plenty of protein rich foods: Protein is a very important part of meals and essential for healthy hormone balance: Protein influences the hormones which control your appetite and keep cravings in control too.
  2. Exercise: Regular exercise is a major contributor to balancing hormones. Physical activity influences hormonal health a lot. Make sure that you engage yourself in some physical activity on daily basis. Walk vigorously for half an hour, practice yoga, or go to the gym.
  3. Ditch the sugar: Avoiding sugar and refined carbs can also help in balancing your hormones as sugar is a major factor of several issues.
  4. Watch the stress: Managing stress is going to help you in balancing cortisol.


Hormonal balance is crucial for women with autoimmune and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to staying healthy and fit.

Yours in health and wellness

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