People like to think that simply eating less meat, more vegetables and going to the gym is enough to shed all those extra pounds you gained last holiday season. It is not that simple. As we learn more about how our body works, weight management, and the growing obesity epidemic, we are beginning to realise that things are more complicated.

For many years, researchers tried to identify the critical elements of metabolism and its relation to weight loss. Following their efforts, researchers found that inflammation can have a direct effect on your weight loss efforts. How does inflammation in the body block your efforts to shed those extra pounds? Here is a brief explanation.

To Lose Weight, the Body Needs to Covert Cells

According to a number of studies on weight loss, the conversion of cells is what helps you lose weight. More specifically, this happens when white fat cells turn into brown cells. When white fat cells become brown fat cells, they become more capable of burning fat and converting it into the energy that you need. It means that the more brown cells your body has, the more weight you can lose.

The conversion of cells relies on a major signaling pathway and the messenger, cGMP.

Research has found that fat is capable of creating inflammation that interferes with the signal pathway for converting cells.

Essentially, inflammation hinders and restrains cGMP, blocking the signalling pathway, suppressing the body’s ability to convert cells, and resulting in accumulated fat.

Fat, Inflammation, and Weight Loss

There are different types of fat present in the body; visceral fat is the one you want the least of. This stubborn belly fat lies deep within your body, around your internal organs. It is the type of fat that prevents cell conversion and causes inflammation, hormonal problems, and cardiovascular disease.

Visceral fat causes a multitude of health issues and is hard to shed. It causes inflammation that blocks the signal pathway telling your body to convert white fat cells into brown cells.

That is why you are unable to use it for energy. In order to maximize your body’s ability to convert cells and lose weight, it is important that you understand the mechanics of burning fat and losing weight.

You need to better understand your body, practice good eating habits, exercise, and get enough sleep to prevent yourself from gaining visceral fat and experiencing inflammation. This fat only blocks your body from being a natural fat burning machine. The body is a complex system, and there are myriad factors that play a role in a person gaining or losing weight.

Inflammation is only one of these factors, but paying attention and keeping it in check can go a long way. Take the time to figure out how your body works and what causes weight gain so that your weight loss efforts will not be in vain.

By making lifestyle changes and being more aware of your body, achieving optimum health is well within your reach.

Yours in health and wellness

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