“There is always room for improvement You can learn something new each day.”

The number of times we have heard this hard-hitting and real statement is probably incalculable. But, how many times has it truly hit home to the aspect we’re striving to improve? 

For me, whenever I read or listen to someone say this, I immediately visualize what I want to improve – my overthinking. Over the years of stumbling, falling, overthinking, and then eventually beginning to rise, if there’s one consistent thing I’ve grasped onto, it’s that the concept of overthinking is extremely addictive and takes you through a downward spiral.

Are you also like me, laying in bed anticipating imaginary scenarios over minor situations? Do you spend a lot of time questioning your routine actions? 

Being an overthinker & having anxiety attacks often goes hand-in-hand. And having traveled that route intensely for the last couple of years, there are some learnings I’ve picked up. 

Your thoughts & decisions suffer a lack of clarity, your self esteem takes a hit, your mental health gets impacted and your relationships also get affected. 

But, like most other issues in life, there’s a light at the end of this tunnel. Here’s listing down a few steps based on personal experience & how it can help throw the overthinking into the trash.

Here’s how I’ve trained my mind into being calmer, clearer & engage in balance. 

  1. By spending an hour quietly with myself in the sun
  2. By sharing my happiness and vulnerabilities alike with my extremely dear ones. Till they don’t know what’s going on, they won’t be able to provide a perspective & trust me that helps
  3. By engaging in 30-45 min of regular moderate exercise. This releases endorphins which helps a lot with clarity
  4. By doing 20 mins of cooling Pranayama before I sleep
  5. By recalling one thing I’m grateful about every day
  6. By saying one positive affirmation about self love out loud
  7. By reading something light & new every day. It could be a quote, a paragraph, a blog piece, or a poem
  8. By getting 9-10 hours of sleep
  9. Eating well & clean because skipping meals affects mood and judgement
  10. By taking a 20 min power nap in the afternoon, it helps recharge the mind instantly. 


from a woman who’s much better than her yesterdays and working towards beautiful tomorrows 🧚‍♀️🌞🌸

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