For a parent, especially a mother, it can be challenging to take care of your autoimmune disease and manage your family at the same time.

It is essential to first look at your needs and to make time for self-care. Making yourself a priority is not selfish! The healthier you are, the greater benefit it is to those around you! Here are a few things that mothers and wives should consider when navigating life with an autoimmune disease:

Take out time for yourself:

Give yourself importance and priority. Allow yourself sometime of peace and relaxation, even if you can only find a few minutes. Listen to good music or go alone on a walk near the sea or park. A sound mind has a sound body, so make sure you are mentally relaxed as well. Spend time with people of your own age (aka adults). A study shows that socialising with people of your age is highly effective for mental growth and stability.

Accept yourself:

You have an autoimmune disease; it is time you take care of yourself and accept the new life that has taken place. Give yourself some alone time and get to know yourself better. What do you enjoy the most? A romantic movie with your partner? Or book reading in quiet?

Most people find it hard to come to terms with having an autoimmune disease. It is okay to feel that way. Give yourself time and surround yourself with positive things. Once you accept the new autoimmune way of life, your routine and preferences will change.

Do not expect too much from yourself:

It is okay if you’re not super-woman. 

Practice self-compassion and give yourself a lot of grace!  No one can give you a better boost than yourself. Do not put unrealistic expectations on yourself and make goals on how to accomplish things without building pressure on yourself.

Surround yourself with supportive people:

Make friends and spend time around people that understand you the most. The people that accept you the way you are and want the best for you are the ones you want to have around. People who continuously degrade you or lower your self-esteem are people who you should not be spending your time with. You are amazing … remember that!

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